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Our Recent Projects

ACE Consultants provided UK tax and accounting guidance for an established Corporate to set up a Non-scheduled passenger air transport service in the United Kingdom. Assisting in characteristic detail and clarity with aviation industry specialist knowledge. 

We provide our services to a well reknown Asian/European broadcasting company entailing UK tax, financial reporting and guidance on their expansion.


Our duties range from corporate finance to assisting cross border expansion and ensuring that optimal transfer pricing has been adapted.

We recently structured a deal to acquire assets worth c£132m from a well known bank in the UK for a highly reputed US hedgefund. The deal required us to create a financial model of the business proposal to enable our client to envisage the sensitivity of their investment to varying scenarios to arrive at an optimal strategy for the project.


We further provided with an extensive due diligence on accounting and tax related issues to uncover any potential liabilities that our clients may inherit on the acquisition of these assets. This involved scrutinizing the vendors’ records extensively and advising our clients and our associate solicitors in preparing the documents for the acquirement.  

We carried out an appraisal and analysis of a target entity with asset under management of £220 million. We have undertaken the analysis of working capital and funding requirements, including accounts payable / receivable, other short and long term liabilities and assets.


We have also analysed the group structure, this includes Inter-company loans and fundamental appraisal of earnings quality with the view to facilitating an impending restructuring.

ACE Consultants supported to delist a real estate property company with assets worth over £80 million. Our team worked with stakeholders and other professionals to model balance sheets and cashflows in order to measure proposed solutions.


Turnaround strategies were charted and modelled, as well as vigorously stress tested against various scenarios envisaged; in addition to the implementation of day to day accounting functions and management information system of the restructured entity.

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