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Financial Consultancy

Never has it been so hard to keep up with the financial aspects of running a business. Finance Directors and Chief Financial Officers find it difficult to meet the increasing demands of the business. The compliance and reporting requirements are more stringent, onerous and opaque with every year that passes.  This reality taken in conjunction, with the finance function coming under cost pressure as a ‘cost centre’ of the business – means that  FDs / CFOs concentrate on the day to day support of the business and they are unable to be the catalyst for change that they might like to be.  They need external assistance to be more efficient in managing the finance function for a better corporate finance strategy.


Our team has a breadth of services to help address issues, with the ability to both advise on and implement event-driven solutions. Our services in the financial consultancy include:


  • Analyse and improve management information system.

  • Analyse and advise on the appropriate cost of capital.

  • Assist to build better finance function.

  • Feasibility study and investment appraisal.


Managment & Operational

Companies are under pressure to be leaner, more adaptable and more reactive to dynamic markets and the global economy for their survival and to prosper.  However, most companies are unable to create operational efficiency due to multiple factors. These may include high fixed overheads, resistance to change, cultural barriers across the organization, inefficient supply chain, poor quality information flow.


We aim to explore the root causes of problems that occur and use proven methodologies to identify and implement strategies to make improvements. Benefits include reduction in costs, efficient processes, improved information flow, better customer satisfaction. Our services in the management and operational consultancy include:


  • Cost reduction strategies.

  • Propose and implement appropriate strategies in order to convert the fixed cost into variable.

  • Identify and eliminate bottle necks in the supply chain.

  • Propose and implement plan for more efficient and flatter organisational structure.


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