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Corporate Finance


Our restructuring capabilities provide a second chance for good businesses to succeed. We offer thorough due diligence of the circumstances in which a business finds itself, as well as innovative ways to restructure its critical operations and financing arrangements.


We use our expertise to find the root causes of business difficulties. Our understanding to work collaboratively with existing management and our network to call in other professionals where necessary is paramount.


In this way, we can turnaround an under performing and / or financially distressed business to create an optimal strategy for making the business succeed, and implement a solution that delivers value for all stakeholders.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our merger and acquisition service give you the chance to have a clear picture of the value of your target. Our strong background in accounting and financial analysis allows us to highlight key issues that may affect your acceptance to an offer or your bid.


Not only do we take the responsibility for accounting and financial aspects, but we also work collaboratively alongside other professional advisers at every stage of the acquisition and/or merger process. In addition, our team can also be called on to help post-merger integration, specifically identifying synergies or generally ensuring adherence to the outlined strategy.

Financial Due Diligence

Our belief in fundamentals is absolute. We check and ensure the integrity of numbers reported in the balance sheet of target companies. Our profound analysis will reveal the accuracy of the financial statements of the company (a good proxy for the quality of the existing management team) and any evidence for any unreported potential liabilities or off-balance sheet financing.

Corporate Stucture Advisory

We are able to advise on the most suitable corporate structure for your business. There are many considerations that can drastically affect how a corporate structure is formed.


Therefore, serves to have considered vital factors, such as the level of investment and offshore exposure. The sooner this is done, the better for stability and long-term planning; an environment in which a business thrives.

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