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Bespoke Services

Business Modelling

We work closely with our clients, providing support to a broad range of business-critical decisions, covering financing, mergers and acquisition, cost reduction. We bring a realistic, commercial perspective to our work.


Our collaborative approach engages and challenges our clients in order to achieve consensus as to what really matters to them. The use of modelling professionals and proven methodologies helps ensure that results withstand scrutiny and inspire stakeholder confidence.

Consultancy services for foreign companies to establish in the UK

Increasing number of foreign companies have shown interest in establishing their presence in the UK. We assist those who would like to enter into the UK by either setting up new ventures or acquiring existing enterprises. We have vast experience in different forms of corporate structure.

Consultancy services for UK companies to establish in Asia

ACE Consultants assist UK companies that might want to establish their presence in the emerging Asian economies. Our professionals have extensive experience and exposure to Asia and the Asian markets. We have networks in the Eastern financial capitals such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Equity research for public and private companies

We undertake equity research for UK companies with the focus on AIM listed UK quoted companies. This sector hasn’t received wide enough coverage by most analysts. We believe companies listed in AIM are asset rich but undervalued companies.

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